Why is my air conditioner blowing bad smelling air?

Understand why air conditioner blowing bad smelling air

Air conditioners are a fantastic necessity in Singapore; that is, until they start smelling horrible! While a working aircon might cool the air, reduce the humidity and make the environment far more comfortable to live in, a broken air conditioner may start to smell bad and make the room suddenly very uncomfortable to stay in. If your air conditioner is starting to blow foul smelling air, read on for the main causes and what you can do to reduce the chances of this occurring.

The main causes of bad smelling air

There are many reasons for an aircon blowing bad smelling air. The main cause is generally a build-up of mould and mildew in the unit; this occurs when excess dust and dirt is left to collect moisture from the refrigeration in the aircon unit. Dirt and dust in the air is easily sucked in to the air conditioner, and if the filters and other pipes are left uncleaned, it can quickly become an issue!

Other common issues can be the circulation of nearby odours, smells brought in from outside, or dead animals in and around the air conditioning unit.

Any harm with the AC bad odor?

While to the average person an aircon unit might just smell bad, if it’s due to mould or mildew build-up it can also make you sick! Spores and bacteria from the growing mould and mildew can be harmful to our health, and especially affect babies, the elderly or people with asthma and allergies. If you notice your aircon is smelling bad, you should get it looked at straight away to avoid any health complications as a result! A bad smelling air conditioner left unfixed may spread disease or bacterial infections in the lungs.

How to remove the bad air from my Air Conditioner?

The solution to the problem will depend on the cause. First, check around the air conditioning unit for any condensation or signs of mould growing. Depending on how bad the problem is, you might even see mildew building up on the outside of your air conditioning unit. If you do have a mould or mildew build-up, you will need to call in professionals for a full clean and service to fix the issue.

Aircon Servicing Singapore can carry out chemical aircon servicing and washing that is perfect if you have dust and grime build-up in your air conditioner. As part of this service, they will deconstruct the air conditioning unit to check the filters, pipes and other parts for any mould or dust build up, and then use high-quality products to clean out the problem. Depending on how bad the issue is, they might opt for a full chemical wash to really flush out the system and ensure your aircon is in working condition again!

Aircon Servicing Singapore can also carry out checks to ensure nothing is stuck inside the air conditioning unit or pipes, and will flush out any blockages or potential dead animals. If it’s another problem causing the bad smell, such as a bad odour being brought in from outside, you may need to remove the external cause to fix the issue.

How to avoid bad smelling air conditioner in the future?

As the main cause of bad odours is a build-up of mould in the unit, regularly servicing and cleaning your air conditioning unit is a great way to stop the problem! Bringing in an expert to take apart, examine and clean every aspect of your aircon unit is the easiest way to stop it from smelling bad in the future.

You can also carry out checks yourself to ensure any dust on the outside of the unit is cleaned and wiped off before it becomes an issue.

Last but not least, booking in for regular air conditioner servicing is the perfect way to stop your aircon from blowing out bad odours due to mildew or mould. Aircon Servicing Singapore can carry out general, regular air conditioning services for a clean of your aircon unit. Every few months we also recommend you book in for a full chemical clean that involves spray cleaning every part of your aircon unit.

Getting Air Conditioner Repair Help today!

If you already have a mould or mildew problem, or another air conditioning issue, we can also conduct full aircon chemical wash, where we will take apart the main parts such as the aircon coil for full washing and flushing out of any dirt. Aircon Servicing Singapore can also carry out general maintenance, repairs and any installation you may need. Give us a call to book in for a service today!

Is your air conditioner starting to smell funny?