10 Reasons Why is my Aircon not Cold Enough?

Why is my aircon not cold?

Aircon being not cold enough is a very common aircon problem faced in Singapore. The problem of your aircon being not cooling are commonly caused by these 10 aircon problems which we will discuss in detail today! We hope this article will greatly assist you in your aircon troubleshooting.

1. Wrong thermostat settings

Is your aircon not cold when you want it to be? If your system occasionally runs cold air, your thermostat could be set to ‘on’, rather than ‘auto’. This means the aircon is constantly blowing air, even when it doesn’t need to. ‘Auto’ will blow out air depending on the room temperature. Change the settings and see if it makes a difference.

2. Blocked air filter

If air flow is weak and the aircon is not cooling, the air filter inside could be blocked with dust. This prevents it from circulating cooled air around your home or office. Ideally, filters should be changed once a month.

3. Blocked or dirty aircon compressor

Your aircon compressor should be clean. It should also be clear of any obstructions, such as grass and trees. This is so it can cool the refrigerant, which in turn produces cool air for your home. Trim back any greenery and if this still doesn’t solve the problem, call in a professional. Do not try and fix your outdoor unit yourself.

4. Aircon low on refrigerant gas

It’s possible that a lack of refrigerant could be the reason behind your aircon’s warm air. Low refrigerant levels can be caused by a leak. If this is the case, contact a repair service to come in. They will fix the leak and top up your gas levels.

5. Blocked condensate drainage pipe

As they remove moisture from the air, your aircon creates water. Usually, this is removed through a drain pipe. However, this can become blocked, meaning the A/C has to work harder to generate cool air.

6. Defective aircon compressor

This is rare, but another reason for your aircon not cold problem could be because of a defective aircon compressor. So ensure that your check the overload protector and the compressor capacitor for damage. Defective compressors will need replacing by someone with the skills to do so.

7. Condenser coil problems

Condenser coils help cool the system but, if they’re dirty, they become less efficient. The result is that the aircon struggles to cool down. Condenser coils can be cleaned. However, this involves taking parts of the system apart. Call a repair system if you’re unsure.

8. Damaged aircon ductwork

Ductwork disseminates air through the room. If your HVAC system’s ductwork is damaged in any way, cooled air may be struggling to come out. If this is the case, you’ll need to call in a specialist to reseal the ductwork.

9. Aircon Fan wheel not working

Check the fan on your indoor unit to see if it’s working properly or just buzzing – you can use a long screwdriver for this. If the fan is running, the capacitor is to blame for your warm air. If it doesn’t run, the motor might need replacing.

10. Aircon chemical overhual required

It could just be that your aircon unit is too old, and needs a chemical overhaul or replacement. If parts are worn out and can no longer be replaced, you may have to purchase a new system.

Solving your aircon not cold problem

If your aircon is not cooling your home at the right temperature, there could be a problem with your a/c system. Take a look at your system, checking both the internal aspects and the outdoor unit and try to diagnose the problem. If it’s one of those listed above, try to follow our advice. If you can fix it yourself, that’s great, but in some instances, you may have to call in a specialist aircon repair service.

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