Why is my aircon leaking water?

Troubleshooting aircon leaking water problems

Your aircon leaking water problem can be very worrying. It may not be immediately apparent what the cause is. There are many reasons why your aircon leaks. A broken pump and blocked drainage pipe are just two of them. Here at Aircon Servicing Singapore can help you with any aircon problems. Our experts can find the reason for your aircon leaking water. Read on to find out what you should do if you spot water around your aircon.

Aircon leaking problem vs Aircon condensation

First you need to understand the difference between an aircon condensation and a water leaking problem. Some condensation on the evaporator coil is normal. Sometimes there may even be a small pool of water. However, you know there is a problem when there is an abnormal amount.

Cause 1: Blockage in the drainage pipe

The most common reason that causes an aircon leaking water problem is a blockage in the condensate drainage pipe. Over time of usage without regular aircon servicing, mould, dirt or other debris may have formed inside the drainage pipe that causes this blockage. In addition, If your aircon system is old, rust may have formed cracks in the drainage pipe.

Cause 2: Low Freon Gas

Low freon gas could also be the problem. A low amount of freon gas may be the reason for your aircon leaking problem. This causes pressure, and makes the evaporator coil freeze over. As it melts, there is an overflow of water into the drain pain. This causes the aircon to leak water, so look out for signs of this.

Cause 3: Incorrect Aircon Installation

Although this is the most unlikely cause, incorrect installation may be responsible for your aircon leaking water. When the drainage pipes are not connected correctly or the drainage pans not fitted in correctly, it will causes the ac unit to start leaking when it is turn on.

Preventing Aircon Leaking Problems

There are a few things you can do to avoid your aircon leaking water.
1. Clean and change the air filter to prevent dirt building up in your drainage pipe.
2. Install another drainage pan to catch any excess water from the drain pan.
3. Ensure there is a secondary drainage pipe, in case the main drainage pipe is clogged.
4. Also, keep an eye on the freon gas levels.
5. Regularly service and maintain your aircon to avoid any problems.

What to do when your aircon is leaking water?

When you discover an aircon leak, the first thing you should do is to turn off your aircon to avoid any further damage or danger. The water may interfere with the electrics, causing more problems.

DIY Troubleshooting vs. Professional Help

There are a few risks associated with trying to solve the aircon water leaking problem yourself. You may not fix the issue properly, only causing further problems later on. This may cause irreparable damage to your aircon system. If you are not sure, be sure to contact an experience aircon servicing technician for assistance.

Singapore Aircon Servicing Specialist

Aircon Servicing Singapore can help you with any aircon leaking problems. If your a/c is leaking water, we can repair it and replace parts. We can also install a brand new system, if yours is damaged beyond repair. Contact us online for free quotation to see how we can assist you.