6 Reasons Why you need Aircon Chemical Washing ?

Why Aircon Chemical Washing in Singapore

Air in Singapore can be very humid, making air conditioners a vital part of the home or office. Getting the most out of an air conditioning system is important to keep the continuous flow of cool, healthy air. Aircon Servicing Singapore recommends aircon chemical washing as least once every few years.

Why clean an air conditioner?

Over time, your air conditioner will start to build up layers of dirt, dust and grime within its system, preventing it from running properly. Bacteria and mould can grow inside the unit, making it both unhygienic and ineffective. Regular aircon servicing and chemical washing can help prevent these issues and maintain a healthy aircon system.

What is aircon chemical washing?

Aircon chemical washing involves the spraying of chemicals and water onto the FCUs (fan coil units) to sanitise and clean the dust, dirt and bacteria that has accumulated over time. It is a thorough cleaning process that achieves much better results than a normal cleaning job will do.

Keeping your aircon clean and conditioned is very important to ensure the air you are breathing is clean and cold. There are many different companies selling many different types of aircon cleaning, but aircon chemical washing is by far a superior method.

Here are some of the reasons why aircon chemical wash makes your aircon colder:

1. Aircon chemical washing cleans the air filter

A well maintained air filter will allow cool air to flow freely into your room. If the filter is dirty and has a build-up of dust and grime, the air will not only be less clean, but the unit as a whole will be less efficient and effective. Using aircon chemical cleaning to flush out the dirt will help with this issue and encourage cooler, cleaner air flow.

2. Air con chemical washing unblocks the condenser

The condenser is a vital part of the air conditioner. It is part of the heat exchange system, turning high pressure vapour into higher pressure, cooler liquid. The condenser is susceptible to external and internal blockage, so using chemical wash to flush any debris out is important to maintain cool air flow.

3. Air con chemical wash prevents freezing of the condenser

If the condenser in an air conditioning unit freezes, it can cause very serious problems and damage to the system. The most common cause of a condenser freezing is from a dirty air filter, blocked air ducts and malfunctioning fans. Using air conditioning chemical washing is the most effective way to keep your unit clean, therefore avoiding any potential freeze-up problems.

4. Air con chemical washing can pick up leaks and other problems

Although not common, leaked refrigerant is certainly among the most dangerous of issues with air conditioners. If there is leaked refrigerant in your home, it will evaporate into a harmful gas, leading to a range of health dangers, such as headache and nausea. By regularly checking and cleaning your unit, you will ensure that your air conditioner is working at maximum capacity and safety.

5. Air con chemical wash cleans the evaporator

The evaporator is one of the most important parts of the air conditioning unit. To ensure this part is well maintained, cleaning your air conditioner with chemical washing is required to remove any layers of dirt, dust and grime. Leaving any layers of blockage on your evaporator coils can cause the air conditioning unit to malfunction.

6. Aircon chemical washing ensures a more thorough, efficient clean

While a general aircon servicing of your air conditioner is sufficient sometimes, to keep the unit running properly over time and to ensure clean, cool air to flow, you must clean your air conditioner with an aircon chemical wash. This type of clean is much more thorough and efficient than a normal clean. Not only does it help the unit work properly, it encourages energy efficiency and prolongs the life of your air conditioner.

7. Aircon chemical wash checks parts are working

During a chemical wash, part of the air conditioner such as the blower wheel and thermostat are checked. If any parts have accumulated debris or are not working properly, this interrupts how the unit works and moves. A chemical wash ensures any issues are found and solved, therefore ensures that the whole air conditioning unit is more efficient and colder.

Regular Aircon Servicing in Singapore

Regular aircon servicing of your air conditioning unit is recommended, encouraged and so important.

Once Aircon Servicing Singapore has completed a thorough chemical wash and clean of the unit, the results will speak for themselves and the air flow in the home or office will be crisp, cool and healthy.

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