5 Reasons Why aircon auto turn on and off by itself?

Five reasons an aircon can automatically turn itself on and off

Does your air conditioner turn on and off repeatedly? This can be a very frustrating experience for any home or business owner trying to battle the stifling Singapore weather, which can be unbearable at times. Without the help of experts such as Aircon Servicing Singapore, diagnosing the issue can be difficult. Here are five possible reasons your air conditioner turns off by itself.

1. Problem with the timer

It may sound obvious, but check whether anyone in your home or office has set the aircon to turn on by itself at a certain time, or indeed off. The case may be that the timer is on the wrong setting. Newer models, especially those with an Energy Star rating, have energy saving features which may automatically turn off the aircon system at certain times. If this isn’t the case, there may be an actual fault with the timer that would require a repair or replacement.

2. Issue with the compressor

A problem with the compressor may also be the reason your air conditioner turns on and off repeatedly. The accumulation of dirt on this component can cause it to overheat, as its temperature and pressure rise with no way for the excess heat to escape. This therefore causes the aircon to switch itself off as a safety precaution. Remove the coil from the unit and clean the compressor, and to avoid further recurrences, remember to clean your aircon’s compressor once a month. If your compressor is faulty, you will need to call Aircon Servicing Singapore to fit a new one.

3. Condenser problems

The condenser is an essential part of the aircon unit as it cools vapours from the compressor and transports them. A blockage caused by dirt or debris in the condenser can prevent it from working properly, thereby causing the air conditioner to turn off of its own accord. To try and remedy this problem yourself, clean the condenser coil and fins, removing any dirt that may have built up over time. As with the compressor, proper maintenance of this part of the aircon unit will ensure it continues to work as it should.

4. Faulty thermostat

The thermostat is essential for correctly maintaining the aircon’s temperature. It works by sensing a room’s temperature and adjusting the aircon’s accordingly. If the thermostat isn’t working correctly, it will switch the aircon off. Check to make sure the thermostat hasn’t been set at the wrong temperature, and if not, a professional may be required to fix or replace it.

5. Malfunctioning circuit board

An issue with your aircon’s circuit board may be to blame for it switching itself on and off. A fault of this nature can prevent some areas of the aircon from working properly, such as the fan. Modern aircon units are usually advanced enough to detect any issues, so be sure to check yours for flashing or red lights that could indicate a problem with the circuit board.

Summary aircon can automatically turn on and off

There are many reasons an air conditioning unit may automatically switch itself on and off. The most common causes of this problem tend to be the build up of dirt on the compressor or condenser, faults with the thermostat or timer, or issues with the circuit board. Nevertheless, an aircon unit switching itself on and off can be very irritating for homeowners and employees, and sometimes only a professional can help. Call Aircon Servicing Singapore straightaway so we can find out what’s wrong with your aircon and restore it to its normal working order.

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