Why is my air conditioner freezing up?

Air conditioner freezing up

Working out why is your air conditioner freezing up can be difficult. It is a common problem that can be caused by a number of factors. For instance, a wall unit or a central air conditioner. Aircon Servicing Singapore are able to fix any problems with your aircon. We are experts in our field, and will know why your aircon has frozen. Here is why you might have issues with your ac freezing up:

The Joule-Thomson effect and aircon

The Joule-Thomson effect is a thermodynamic principle. As a gas expands and pressure decreases, everything has to be held constant. Then, the temperature of that gas will also decrease. Conversely, a compressed gas will increase in temperature. Refrigerant gas expands inside the evaporator coil, and it cools. It then comes into contact with the air in your home. The refrigerant absorbs the heat out of the air and takes it outside. The cycle of the Joule-Thomson effect is what cools your home.

Why does my air conditioner freeze up?

The aircon’s evaporator coil may not have sufficient airflow. This results in the aircon freezing up, and causes problems. There may not be enough warm air from the house getting to the evaporator coil. This means the freon cannot operate properly. Freon removes the heat from your house and takes it outside. Your aircon could also be low on freon. This is another common cause for ac to freeze up. However, there are several reasons why it could have frozen.

Air conditioners are designed to operate in hot temperatures. Turning your aircon on when it is cool outside could cause problems. The temperature of your system will drop, causing the aircon to freeze up. This is also a common problem, but easily fixed. Several other mechanical issues could be the cause. For example, a kink in the refrigerant lines or a clog in the filter dryer. Always speak to the experts about your aircon freezing up and what to do.

How to fix an ac freeze up problem?

Ice can cause serious damage to air conditioning units. This could happen regardless of whether the unit is new or old. You need to get an aircon technician to inspect it if it is freezing up. As soon as you notice the problem, call an aircon service technician. They will be able to fix your air conditioning unit. Only a service technician should ever touch your unit to troubleshoot problems. Air conditioning units hold dangerous gases and chemicals.

You can increase the chance of the problem being fixed easily. Turn your air conditioner off and allow it to defrost. Ice can harm an air conditioning unit. Ensure you’re not running your aircon below 17 degrees celsius. If you are, turn off your air conditioning unit and wait for it to defrost. When outdoor temperatures increase, see if the problem is still occurring. You can check for all sorts of mechanical issues, but be careful. Anything you touch may void your warranty, or worse. Bear in mind that air conditioning units are a source of danger.

Air conditioner freezing up in Summary

Air conditioning units operate by taking the warm air outside of the home via the evaporator coil. This is done using freon, and is called the Joule-Thomson effect. An imbalance in this system can cause the air conditioner to freeze up. Your aircon may freeze if you run it at a very low temperature. Most aircon problems of this nature can be resolved easily. However, it is best to rely on the experts. This is because of dangerous chemicals.

Singapore Aircon Servicing Professional

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