Types of Air-conditioning Systems

With many different types of air-con systems out there for different usages, it may be too confusing just to select the right system for your cooling needs. Today, we simply explain the different types of air-con systems, its applications and usages and hopefully help you make the right choice in which air-con system best suits your cooling needs.

Split-system Air-con

Split-system air-con comes in 2 general setups: Wall mounted units (as also know as mini-split) and central air-con systems. In both these air-con types, the evaporator unit, wall or ceiling mounted (heat exchanger) is located in the indoor environment and separated from the condensing unit heat exchanger.

Wall Mounted Aircon Unit

It should also be noted that Packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) systems are also known as wall-split air conditioning systems. Wall mounted aircon units are also widely known as split aircon units in Singapore.

Ceiling Cassette Air-con System

A ceiling or wall mounted air conditioner. Typically used when air space is limited or when there is no available walls to mount a wall split system or where there is limited ceiling space for a ducted (central) air-con system .

Ceiling Suspended Air-con System


Windows Casement Air-con System


Windows casement air-con system is the most popular air-con unit used for single rooms or offices. It is the top choice for rental rooms without air-conditioning. The window casement components such as the compressor, evaporator coils and condenser coils are all contained within the unit. Windows aircon are typically installed on bottom or side panel of the room’s window.

Ducted air-con system (Central Air Conditioning System)


Ducted air-con systems are also known as central air conditioning system. Ducted air-con system setups are typically used in shopping malls, commercial building and offices. The 2 main advantages of central air conditioning systems over split-systems are the ease of installation and cost saving. As having to install individual units in each room in a large facility would cost much more that having a central air conditioning system and running the ducts through each room.

Portable Air-con System


Like the windows air-con, the portal air-con system is a self-contained aircon with all the refrigeration components contained in one unit. It works by discharging and exhaust heat through a hose or duct through the window.

What is System 2,3,4,5 Aircon?

You probably have heard this short form being used frequently when talking to your aircon contractors or aircon sales persons. Basically this is a short form term used for the different air-con system setups. This short form is probably only used in Singapore nowhere else in the world. Below we explain and illustrate what does it does each of these terms mean.
System 2 Aircon: Refers to 2 Fan Coil Unit (FCU) connected to a Compressor unit.

System 3 Aircon: Refers to 3 Fan Coil Unit (FCU) connected to a Compressor unit

System 4 Aircon: Refers to 4 Fan Coil Unit (FCU) connected to a Compressor unit

System 5 Aircon: Refers to 5 Fan Coil Unit (FCU) connected to a Compressor unit