List of Air Conditioning Services Available

Aircon Servicing Singapore handles all air conditioner services in Singapore. Our technicians can help with all your aircon services. Air conditioners are not only important to keep us cool and healthy in the summer. The air that they pump into our homes needs to be hygienically clean and free of toxins. Call us when you need aircon services you can trust.

General Aircon Servicing


We provide quality and reliable general aircon servicing in Singapore, ensuring that your aircon continue running smooth, efficent and hygienically.

Our general air conditioning service includes the whole package of aircon services. Singapore households need to keep their air conditioners clean on the inside and out.

Aircon Repair Services


Our professional aircon technicians have the wealth of experience to repair all brands and models of residential and commercial air conditioners.

If you are experiencing aircon issues, call us and immediately we will send out a friendly technician to provide aircon repair services.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul

General aircon maintenance includes an aircon clean, but an aircon chemical overhaul is our most thorough ac deep cleaning. You may need a chemical overhaul for older aircon units, or aircon units that is probably too dirty.

As part of our chemical overhaul package. We dismantle the unit, complete a full service, and wash the dismantled parts with a special solution.

Aircon Chemical Wash


An aircon chemical wash is a great way to maintain hygiene and good repair, year in and year out. We provide chemical cleaning of all aircon parts, coils, filters and components.

If you are getting your air-con serviced in Singapore, consider an aircon chemical clean. Any allergens, bugs, toxins or dust will be removed from the air conditioning unit. Your home will have safe, healthy and clean air all year round if you do this regularly.

Aircon Gas Top Up Services


When the freon in your air conditioner needs replacing, it can lead to serious problems. That’s why we carry freon replacement with us when servicing your aircon or performing repairs.

Please note that the definite price can only be determined after a gas pressure check/ assessment has been performed.

Aircon Servicing Contract

(Tri-Annual/ Quarterly Servicing)

We recommend for all our customers to take on our very affordable regular aircon servicing and maintenance packages. Regular servicing, maintenance and cleaning ensures that your home air indoor air quality is always  fresh, cool and hygienic. Enjoy a great discount (for per unit price) when you sign up for our servicing contract!

Aircon Troubleshooting Services

Please note that the troubleshooting fee is inclusive of the transportation charges. After the air conditioner problem has been identified and explained, upon confirming engagement of our aircon repair service, the troubleshooting service fee will be waived.

There are several air conditioning issues that may only require a simple fix. You may break warranty or even cause serious harm if you attempt to repair an air conditioner on your own. We provide a cost-effective health check and troubleshooting service.

Our technicians will come to your residence and check your machine. They provide advice on what they believe is required for your machine to be fully repaired. They will also prepare a quote for their recommendation. If you choose to take up the quote, the initial fee for troubleshooting will be waived. For such a small fee, we will diagnose your issue and maintain your health and safety.

Reliable Aircon Services Guaranteed

Regardless of your aircon requirements, we can help you! All our air conditioning services provided are good and reliable leaving you “worry-free”, all our technicians are highly trained and well experienced.

Dealing with aircon maintenance and repair is a complex task. You should only allow professional technicians to be near your air conditioners.

Our technicians offer a wide range of aircon services that will ensure your aircon runs safely all year round. We even offer cleaning services to pump out any toxins or allergens from your system. You can breathe easy in cool comfort with our full range of services.

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