Portable Aircon Repair Service in Singapore

Portable aircon are a must have in hot and humid Singapore! However, as with most people we are too lazy to have the portable air conditioner serviced regularly like a normal wall aircon unit. We only address the issue when the breakdown actually happens. Do no worry, this is a too common problem most Singaporeans home owners are faced with. Today we explore 5 top portable aircon problems encountered and how to get repair help should you really require.

Top 5 Portable Aircon Problems

1. Dirty/ clogged air conditioner filters which results in inefficient air flow. This also contributes to your aircon not blowing cold air.

2. Blocked airflow from the formation of ice/ frost on your aircon evaporator coils. This happens when water is not properly drained from your aircon, resulting in built up for water which freezes around the coils.

3. Aircon refrigerant gas leakages which result in your portable aircon not running efficiently and being not cold. So get in touch with your aircon repair company to have them check your refrigerant gas level if the pressure is right and have it topped up.

4. Room ambient temperature being too high. This happens when your windows or doors are not properly closed, resulting in the imbalance pressure constantly pulling warm air in from outside the room. Therefore, do check that all doors and windows are tightly closed with no large air gaps around.

5. Finally, the most seriously problem of all would be a damaged or faulty compressor motor. There is nothing much you can do about this except to have the compressor replaced or repaired.

Portable Aircon Servicing Company

Simple issues such as checking if your air filter is dirty or clogged can be easily resolved by simply pulling out the filters and give it a rinse. However if you portable aircon problems persists, or if you think your issue is more than just a dirty filter or a window that is not tightly closed, be sure to contact our qualified aircon servicing technicians at Aircon Servicing Singapore today for a no obligation free portable aircon check-up.

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