ULTIMATE Portable Aircon Buying Guide

In Singapore portable aircon can make the hottest and most humid days tolerable. When the weather warms up in Singapore, portable aircon sales increase. We want to make sure that our customers understand how to select the best possible portable aircon for their needs. Different functions in portable air cons will cool different spaces effectively. Consider your space and requirements before purchasing an aircon.

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Portable Aircon: A Buyer’s Quick Guide

People associate the name ‘portable’ with the idea that they can move their aircon. To some extent this is true. However, it is important to know that all aircons work by pumping hot air out. This means that to work effectively, aircons need to be connected to outside. Most portable aircons come with a window kit. This enables them, via a hose, to pump out hot air. A good portable air conditioner will dehumidify the air and cool the room.

What is Aircon BTU (British Thermal Units)?

There are a wide selection of Singapore portable aircons. Each portable aircon has a BTU (British Thermal Units) rating. BTU is essentially the unit that measures the power of an aircon. You don’t need more BTU than is necessary for the space that you want to cool. If you get more BTU than you need for the space you want to cool, it may be less effective. Deciding on a good unit involves more than just getting the highest BTU.

Portable aircon units

Portable air conditioners are units that can be moved around the home to suit your needs. They are self-contained appliances, which means they are easy to install. Most portable air conditioners will require a window connection. This will pump hot air out of the room to the outdoors as exhaust. Each unit will have different specifications. Each unit will have standard features that will differ, as well as a host of specialised features. You need to consider your needs.

Portable Air Conditioner Features

Each air conditioner will have differences in venting configuration and the maximum square footage. Make sure to assess whether these features suit the space or spaces you want to cool. You might want to consider paying extra for some other features. These include remote control operation, different operating modes and fan speeds. You might also consider oscillating air and air filtration systems. If you like to sleep with the fan on, a timer might be a feature you should consider.

Exhaust and ventilation

Heat is thermal energy. Heat must be removed from the air in order to cool a room. The hot air must be exhausted from the room. This usually involves a pipe or hose in portable aircons. It is recommended that the air is moved to outside. You could also pump the air into an unused space, such as a drop ceiling. Most portable aircons will have a window kit that comes with the appliance.

If you vent the air out of a window (which is recommended), you don’t need to remove the screen. If you really want a portable aircon and you have a crank window, you will need to consider replacing the window. Exhaust hoses come in a standard length and shouldn’t be extended. If any attempt is made at extension you may void your warranty.

How effective is it?

Most customers want to cool more than one room. The success of a portable air conditioner will depend on the BTU. The other factor is the room temperature. A portable air con will not be able to cool very hot rooms. For example, a portable aircon wouldn’t be useful in lots of light and bad insulation.

Portable Aircon Effectiveness in Multiple rooms

As well as temperature and insulation, you need to consider humidity. High levels of humidity can decrease the effectiveness of a portable aircon. Room size is another important factor. If you assess a BTU chart, you might not consider the height of your ceilings. If you have high ceilings, you need to select a higher BTU.

Portal Aircon Maintenance

Portable air conditioners are one of the cheapest ways to cool a house. They can also last you some time, if serviced regularly. To get the most out of your aircon, make sure you get a regular service. Clean the air filters and make sure to never let ice build on the coils. A portable air con can last many years if it is maintained regularly.

Buying a Portable Aircon in Summary

Portable air conditioners are a great solution for those who want portable cooling. You need to make sure the unit can vent hot air out of the room. Consider getting the correct level of BTU needed for the space. A portable air conditioner will be most effective under the right conditions. Take your environment into account to select the air conditioner that suits you. If you regularly maintain your portable air con, it should last many years.

Aircon Servicing Singapore

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