How to fix an Aircon Leaking Problem?

Fix an Aircon Leaking problem in 10 Easy Steps

In Singapore, one of the most common aircon problems people experience is an aircon leaking problem. If your aircon water leaking problem is not that serious and if you are DIY person do check out this DIY video below on how to fix an leaking aircon unit.

Main cause of aircon water leaking: There are several things that can cause an aircon leaking to happen. One of the major issues is blocked drains and pipes. If the pipes within the unit become blocked, or the main drainage pipe is damaged, then it’s likely the air conditioning unit will start to leak. The 10 easy steps are:

  1. Shut off the Air Conditioner unit and open the front panel and filters
  2. Remove all the front screws
  3. Pull off the front cover and put it aside
  4. Remove the snaps to lift up the back panel to get to the drainage pipes
  5. The drainage pipe is the biggest pipe
  6. Remove all the tapes on the drainage pipes
  7. Get a bucket ready before separating the pipe joint
  8. Get a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust that is causing the drainage pipe blocks
  9. Next get some electrician tapes to seal the joints back together
  10. Carefully put all the earlier parts and covers back together

If all the above steps is just too much hassle for you, simply contact us for a no obligatory FREE quote or call us and we will pop by to check out your air conditioner problem.

How to prevent future aircon water leaks?

Sometimes air conditioner water leaks are unavoidable, however there are things you can do to reduce the chances of your aircon leaking. First of all, making sure you book it in for regular services will ensure filters, pipes and drains are all clean and in good condition. As these are the main causes of air conditioner leaks, by keeping these parts maintained will help you to avoid the costs of maintaining or replacing your aircon unit.

Contact Aircon Servicing Experts

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