How to Fix a Noisy Air Conditioner

In the stifling heat of Singapore, air conditioning can be a lifesaver – literally. However, aircon is only useful if it actually works. If you’ve got a noisy air conditioner, this could spell trouble. Depending on the noise it’s making, you could have to call in the services of Aircon Servicing Singapore.

Signs of a Noisy Air Conditioner

Has your aircon been making any untoward sounds? Something could be wrong internally. Generally, aircon noises can be split into five distinct groups. Each group denotes a different problem. Is your aircon hissing loudly? This could mean a dangerous internal pressure build-up. If your system rattles or is silent, an internal component needs replacing. Therefore, it’s important to recognise the type of sound the noisy aircon is producing.

Can I fix my noisy aircon?

If your fan is humming or rattling, it’s possible that it just requires cleaning. Before undertaking any maintenance, ensure your aircon system is switched off. The switch breaker should also be in the ‘off’ position. Remember: you’re dealing with an electrical device. Be careful.

Open the air conditioner and find the fan. Dust the blades thoroughly and remove any material that may be caught in the fan. Due to the nature of aircon systems, items may occasionally be stuck in the system.

If you can’t find any debris, your blades could be loose. This means you’ll have to tighten them. It’s also possible that blades could be slightly bent out of shape. Bent blades can catch and make a noise in the process. Take care and be gentle when bending back into place.

My Aircon is still noisy – what now?

First, determine where the sound is coming from. Is the noise coming from the aircon fan, or the compressor? Check the condenser coil. You may have to remove the fan to do this.

The most likely cause of the noise is a worn-out compressor. Aircon compressors are usually hardy bits of kit, so this should only happen in older systems. You probably won’t have to replace the compressor. However, if you absolutely cannot put up with the noise your A/C is making, call in a specialist.

Another common reason for noisy aircon systems is to do with the dual shaft fan motor. The fan motor contains bearings that, when the system is first purchased, are sufficiently lubricated. Years of use will inevitably result in this lubrication deteriorating. The bearings will then be more likely to grind against each other, making a harsh sound. In such cases, it’s best to invest in a new dual shaft fan motor.

Finally, the aircon’s fan blade could be to blame for your aural issues. Your system will have two fan blades, one at the front and one at the back. Ensure you check both, to see if they are damaged. If one, or both, are no longer in mint condition, this is what is likely causing the noise. Have broken fan blades replaced as soon as possible.

Bear in mind that the reason behind your noisy aircon could be more serious. If you can’t deduce what might be causing your aircon to make these strange sounds, it’s best to call in the specialists.


Your noisy aircon is disrupting your work or home life, so what do you do? A noisy aircon is usually a signifier that something is wrong inside the system. You wouldn’t ignore a strange noise in your car, so don’t do the same with your aircon. Usually, noisy air conditioning doesn’t require major work. It’s often just a case of replacing the part that’s causing the problem, or thoroughly cleaning the system’s components. If you’re in any doubt, call the experts.

Aircon Repair Experts

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