In a subtropical climate such as Singapore, air conditioning is a must. Not only does it help to cool a home or business, but air conditioning also removes unwanted humidity from the environment.

The only downside to air conditioning is that they do need to be serviced every now and again to check they’re running efficiently; luckily with us your regular maintenance will be quick and easy!

Rather than putting up with the heat during hot days, or sweating because your aircon unit has broken down, opt for regular air-con maintenance.  With us, you can be assured of quality and affordable aircon servicing.

General Aircon Servicing Scope

What services are provided as part of the general aircon servicing package?

If you’re after efficient and hassle-free aircon servicing, we do it all. Our scope of work includes everything from general external cleaning through to flushing out the water drainage pipe. In detail, these services include:

1. Cleaning of the air conditioning external front covers and panels (including side, top and bottom of the aircon)
2. Cleaning of the air conditioning filters
3. Cleaning of the air conditioning blower wheel and fan blade
4. Cleaning of the air conditioning unit evaporator coils
5. Cleaning the air conditioning condensation water drainage pan
6. Checking and flushing of the air conditioning condensation water drainage pipe
7. Checking on the operating condition of the air conditioning blower fan motor (grease lubricant will be applied if required)
8. Checking the compressor suction and discharge pressure (refrigerant system check)
9. Checking for uncommon noises generated by air conditioning units
10. Check the operation of major electrical connections for any loose wire

As you can see, every aspect of aircon maintenance is covered by our experienced, professional team. Hiring us for your maintenance means you won’t have to worry that your air conditioning will stop working on the hottest days! Regular check-ups also reduce the chance of your air conditioning unit breaking down, so you can avoid expensive costs replacing the entire thing. We offer one of the most comprehensive aircon services in the entire Singapore region!

General Aircon Servicing Price

We have extremely competitive prices, check out our aircon general servicing price table here.

As you can see, our air conditioning maintenance prices are designed to make it as affordable as possible, yet maintaining our highest quality and standards! Make sure to book in for your next maintenance with us today!

Benefits of Aircon Servicing

General aircon servicing is imperative if you have air conditioning units operating in your home or business. Regular maintenance and servicing not only helps to make your aircon unit run more efficiently, but it also helps to pick up any future issues that may arise.

General aircon servicing is hassle-free and harmless, and only extends the life of your aircon units. While it may seem unnecessary, at Aircon Servicing Singapore we conduct thorough checks to make sure your aircon unit won’t have a costly breakdown. We can also check for any leaks that may cause damage to your walls or floors, and can carry out repairs and installation for your convenience.

Common Air Conditioner Problems that will be easily resolved with regular aircon servicing.

General aircon servicing Vs. Chemical aircon wash Vs. Chemial cleaning?

While general aircon servicing is great for regular maintenance, you may need to opt for an aircon chemical clean or wash every once in a while. A chemical aircon service will thoroughly clean every part of your air conditioning unit to make sure the filters are clean, the refrigerant and water pipes are clear of any blockages and that the aircon unit is in perfect working condition. You may also like to understand more on the differences between an aircon chemical wash and aircon chemical cleaning.

A general aircon servicing will use vacuums and non-chemical products to clean the aircon unit, whereas a chemical aircon service will flush out the system with chemical cleaning products. Both are important for maintaining your aircon unit, though a chemical aircon service may not be necessary as often. If you’re not sure what kind of service your aircon unit needs, it’s as easy as making a phone call to Aircon Servicing Singapore. We’ll discuss your aircon needs with you to bring you the best service possible.

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As you can see, if you have aircon in your home or business, it’s important that you choose to have it serviced regularly. Not only will servicing clean the air you breath, it will help your aircon unit to run smoothly, avoid any costly damages to your aircon and help it to last longer. Also carrying out emergency repairs, maintenance and installations, we are your one-stop-shop for everything aircon! Call Aircon Servicing SG for thorough and affordable aircon services for all brands and types.