2 Best Window Casement Aircon Singapore

Casement aircon are an alternative to other aircon. Casement aircon in Singapore is underutilised. It is a good option for small spaces or single rooms. Casement aircon units sit in windows to draw heat and humidity out of a room.

What are window casement aircon?

Window casement aircons are not the most widely used systems in Singapore. Casement air conditioners are also known as slider, window or vertical air conditioners. They were given that name because they slide into windows that open from left to right. Casement air conditioner units sit in an open window. They exhaust heat and humidity from inside the house to the outside. The compressor cools the coils with refrigerant. The fan in the unit pushes the new, cool air back into the room.

Top 2 Best Selling Window Casement Aircon in Singapore

1. EuropAce EAC 393 9000BTU 2-in-1 Window Casement Aircon with Air Cleaner

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– 2 in 1 Casement Aircon with Air Cleaner (using Titanium Dioxide with UV light)
– 9000 BTU – Compact unit
– Drainless casement air conditioner technoligy
– Eco-friendly R410a Gas

2 Trentios Casement Air Conditioner


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– 8000 BTU Casement Window Unit
– Dehumidifying Function
– Anti-Corrosive Coating

Benefits of window casement aircon

For cooling small spaces, such as a single room, a casement aircon has many advantages. Casement air conditioners are easier to install than other air conditioners. You will save on labour costs because of the quicker installation. They are also less expensive to purchase and run than other aircons. You can remove it if you move but they don’t require floor space like a portable unit. They are great for high power cooling of smaller spaces, such as single rooms.

When to select window casement aircon?

If you are trying to service an entire house with aircon, the casement aircon may not work. The casement aircon can deliver 10,000 BTU. This is great for cooling areas of 1,000 square feet or less. If you want to cool more areas including hallways, you may need central aircon. The way the casement aircon works is to pump the air through from inside to outside.

Casement aircons window requirements?

You need a window that slides across, rather than opening in any other way. If you do not have a window that slides across, you cannot have a casement aircon. If you can see the benefits of casement aircon, you don’t need a window. Wall air conditioners are similar in the way they operate to casement aircon. You can select a wall air conditioner if you don’t have the right windows.

How easy to install window casement aircons?

Some small window aircons are so easy to install they come with an instruction manual. But don’t be fooled, you may still need professional installation services to assist. If the unit delivers more than 10,000 BTU, you will need a professional. BTU is British Thermal Units, which is the measurement of power. A higher BTU size for a larger space will mean a heavier machine. Heavier machines will sometimes have a slide-out chassis, called a sleeve. This requires professional installation.

Can window casement aircons be install anywhere?

Casement aircon units are designed to sit in windows that slide left to right. They are made to sit in wood frame windows, called ‘casement windows’. If your home is made of wood, this will be fine. If your window frame is made of another material, it is not. Some buildings are made from brick, cement or steel. If this is the case, you may need a professional. The professional will add a wood strip under the air conditioner unit.

Professional window casement aircon installation services

You may feel that you can install your own aircon unit. We recommend always seeking help from a professional. Even if the help is just advice. We can provide helpful advice and check on your install. If you have a heavy machine, call a professional for installation.

Considerations before purchasing window casement aircons

There are four considerations before purchasing. These are window size, type, power and plug. We will go through each of these considerations. These factors about your home will help you with your choice. A casement aircon is a great choice but it depends on these factors.

Window type and size

Casement aircons require a particular type of window or you can’t install them. There are three window types that work. Standard windows that slide up and down will work. Slider windows that slide left to right will also work. Casement windows that swing out will also work. You need to measure height, width and depth of your window. Leave space for support brackets if required. A professional installer can help with this.


BTUs are units of power in air conditioning. A professional can help you calculate the BTUs needed for your space. It is important to get the right power for your room. It is not a good idea to go over the required BTU for your space. You need to know the volts and amps of the plug required. Larger casement air conditioners will require more amps and volts. Standard electrical plugs may not be able to supply casement aircons.

In Summary

Casement aircon in Singapore is underutilised. More people could take advantage of casement aircon. Casement aircon is effective and efficient. It is easy to install, cheap to buy and run, and moveable. If you have one small room or a small space, have a casement aircon might be the best choice. The higher the BTUs the more powerful the air conditioner will be. It is highly recommended to go for the highest BTU for the window air conditioner unit in sunny Singapore.