10 Best Portable Aircon Singapore

Singapore Portable aircons choices

Portable air conditioners are a very handy item. They are an inexpensive way to keep cool when central aircon isn’t a viable option. When looking to buy a portable aircon in Singapore, there are multiple brands and multiple sellers to choose from. So how do you sort out which models are the best to buy? Today, we’ll give you a rundown of the top 10 Singapore portable aircon brands so you can make a well informed decision about which one is best for you.

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1. Akira Portable Aircon ACP-121M 12000BTU


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If you’re looking for a compact aircon with a good dehumidifier, you should take a look at the Akira model ACP-121M 12000BTU. This portable air con can be easily transported from one room to another, and it comes with features including self-diagnosis and auto protection capabilities. Its output is 12000 BTU, and it has a self-evaporative system which doesn’t require the unit to be constantly drained.

2. EuropAce Portable Aircon – EPAC12C


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This model provides rapid cooling for a room of average size, roughly 400 square feet or less. The reason for that is its 12,000 BTU output. This unit also boasts a powerful rotary compressor as well as the use of refrigerant that is CFC free. This model has three-in-one aircon, dehumidification, and fan functions. The EPAC12C also has automatic left to right oscillation and a manually adjustable upward and downward airflow.

3. EuropAce Portable Aircon EPAC-10P


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The EPAC-10P is a 10,000 BTU portable aircon that is ideal for cooling rooms as large as 400 square feet. It has an auto-evaporation system which allows for extended use without the need for draining. It also has an electrostatic filter as well as a convenient LED display and an automatic shut-off timer. It also sits on four caster wheels making it simple to move from one room to another.

4. Portable Aircon EuropAce EPAC14P


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The EPAC14P model portable air conditioner from the EuropAce company has an output of 14,000 BTU which makes it ideal for cooling both medium and large rooms. It also has a large air outlet as well as an adjustable louver. This model is also environmentally friendly as it’s made entirely of recyclable materials. It also features fan and dehumidifier options along with the standard aircon functions.

5. Portable Aircon Tecno TAC10RC


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The Tecno TAC10RC is an excellent portable aircon that cools as much as 400 square feet with its 10000 BTU output. It’s a self-evaporative unit which minimises the need for draining, and it also has a function for recycling condensing water which allows for greater cooling efficiency. It has mechanical controls that are quite intuitive making it a relatively easy-to-use unit. It also has an anti-freezing function.

6. Portable Aircon Honeywell MM14CCS


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This unit is ideal for use in rooms as large as 500 square feet due to its output of 14000 BTU. It features a great built-in humidifier that can remove as much as 94 pints of water from the air in a 24-hour period. It has feather-touch LED controls as well as adjustable temperatures and a programmable timer. It also features a no-drip self evaporation system which removes condensation and eliminate the need for manual draining. Additionally, it has an adjustable window bracket.

7. Portable Aircon EuropAce EPAC 12S


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This EuropAce EPAC 12S 12000 BTU model is excellent for controlling humidity and is very similar to the EuropAce EPAC 12S in many ways. It has a power rotary compressor and strong cooling power as does its counterpart. This unit is made from recyclable materials making it an environmentally friendly option, and it’s a big larger than the 12C. It’s air outlet is a bit bigger, and it lacks the convenient caster wheels of the 12C model. However, it does have an Ion Generator function which allows it to actually clean the air in the room.

8. TCL TAC12CPA/V Portable Aircon


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The TCL TAC12CPA is a self-evaporative portable aircon with a powerful 12000 BTU output. It can cool spaces of up to 400 square feet, and it has an LED display panel as well as soft-press function buttons. It also has a wide-angle air outlet as well as automatic swing functionality. Additionally, this unit has a high energy efficiency rating, and it comes with a handy remote control.

9. Trentios Portable Aircon 10000 BTU


The Trentios PC30-AMF is a portable air conditioner that features a four-pronged system including cooling, dehumidifying, fan, and heating options. It has a cooling output of 10,000 BTU, which is good for both small and medium rooms. It also has user-friendly electronic controls. Additionally, this unit is self-evaporating and has a high rating for energy efficiency.

10. Portable Aircon EuropAce EPAC 14000BTU


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The EuropAce EPAC 14 is an excellent portable aircon. It doesn’t require a water tank, and it is self-evaporating so no manual draining is required. The device has an output of 14000 BTU, uses R410A refrigerant, and is able to cool space over 300 square feet in size. It has other handy features such as sleep mode, auto restart, and a built-in timer. It also has a very handy washable filter as well as self-diagnostic and auto protection functions.

Portable Air Conditioner in Singapore Summary

Obviously, these are just a few of the many portable air conditioners on the market, and you might not feel that the ones on this list are just right for your space. That’s why it pays to do your due diligence before committing to a purchase. While the portable aircons listed here are all excellent models, you need to make sure you choose one that properly fits both your space, as well as your budget.

Aircon Servicing Singapore

Another part of keeping cool is keeping your air conditioner it tip-top shape. If you’re having any trouble with your portable aircon, then contact us for a Portable Aircon Servicing appointment today! We service central air conditioner , wall, and portable ac units, and can handle most any problems your aircon might have.