7 Benefits of Aircon Chemical Wash

Advantages of Aircon Chemical Wash

In Singapore it’s important to make sure your air conditioning unit is serviced regularly. Having your aircon servicing regularly done ensures that it doesn’t break down, keep it working efficiently and lengthen its lifespan.

If you’ve been looking to have your air conditioning unit serviced, you might be confused by the different types of services you can opt for; do you want a general aircon servicing or aircon chemical wash? Or even a aircon chemical cleaning best for you?

We’ve brought you 7 incredible benefits of an aircon chemical wash, to help you decide on the best service for your air conditioner!

1. Aircon chemical wash prevent mould and mildew build up

The high quality products used in a chemical wash are designed to eliminate any bacteria that might be starting to grow in the air conditioner. Mould and mildew are common issues for aircon units; as dust and dirt builds up and collects moisture, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for this nasty bacteria! An aircon chemical wash will not only get rid of any mould, but it will also stop it from growing back any time soon.

2. Aircon chemical wash increase electrical efficiency

An aircon chemical wash is a thorough process that involves taking apart, cleaning and flushing out every component of the air conditioning unit. Because of this, any inefficiencies caused by a build-up of dirt or faulty parts can be identified and fixed; your aircon will run smoothly, and take far less electricity to function efficiently! Watch those electricity bills plummet.

3. Clear any blockages with an aircon chemical wash

A major part of the aircon chemical wash is removing and clearing out the aircon coil. Often dirt or other items can get stuck in the coil, or in other pipes of the aircon unit, and a chemical wash will clear this out! By removing any blockages with an aircon chemical wash, there is less of a chance your air conditioner will break down or start working less efficiently.

4. Increase the lifespan of the aircon unit

If you’ve been concerned that your air conditioner is starting to blow out hot air, or it’s making strange noises, then it is definitely time for an aircon chemical wash. A chemical wash is a full overhaul of your aircon unit, and the technician will look at every part and clean or replace it as needed. Just like servicing your car keeps it running for longer, regular aircon servicing will help it to last longer!

5. Keep the air clean

Dirt and other particles that collect in air conditioning units can be harmful to our health. If anyone in your home or business is asthmatic, has allergies or hay fever, a chemical wash will be especially beneficial to them. By clearing out the air filters and other components of the air conditioning unit, it will keep on circling clean air around your home, making sure everyone stays healthy!

6. Stop or remove any bad odours

Bad odours in your aircon are often caused by a build-up of mould, other bacterial particles or even dead animals in the unit. If you’ve noticed the air coming out of your aircon is starting to smell, book it in for a chemical wash to clear out any nasty dirt. An aircon chemical wash will not only remove bad odours, but also prevent future issues of bacterial build-up from occurring.

7. Reduce the chances of it freezing

Parts of air conditioning units are particularly susceptible to freezing over, especially if the refrigerant and other cooling elements aren’t maintained correctly. Frozen components in your air conditioner can not only stop it working as well, but it can cause the whole unit to break down and can be costly to replace! A chemical wash and service will ensure that all parts of your air conditioner are working correctly, and the coils and pipes are cleared so they don’t freeze up!

Aircon Servicing Singapore

Now you know of the great benefits of an aircon chemical wash, it’s time to book in for your service! Call us at Aircon Servicing Singapore for extremely competitive and affordable prices on chemical washing. Our talented team have years of practice in properly maintaining and servicing air conditioning units, and our aircon chemical wash is suitable for a huge range of brands and models.