Aircon Servicing Contract Benefits

We offer the most attractive general aircon servicing contract in Singapore. We are proud to be providing Singapore homes with fresh and hygienic indoor cool air at the lowest prices.

The 2 main benefit of taking up our aircon maintenance contract is that it gives you the peace of mind know that your family and love ones are breathing in fresh cool air and that your aircon unit does not breakdown unexpectedly.

Aircon Servicing Contract Price

Aircon Servicing Contract Price Table
No. of Fan Coil Unit (FCU) 3 times/ year 4 times/ year
1 unit $90 $80
2 units $150 $190
3 units $200 $240
4 units $230 $300
5 units $280 $350

General aircon servicing contract scope

  • Check and clean aircon filter, front panel
    and cover
  • Check bio-pure/deodorizing filter
  • Check and brush indoor aircon cooling coil
  • Flushing of air-con drainage system
  • Check and clean ac condenser coil

Terms & Conditions:

Aircon repairs not included: Our aircon servicing contracts do not include aircon repair or replacement cost for any problems discovered. Additional charges for any aircon problem/ faults or parts to be fixed or replaced will be advised on site.

Commercial/ Industrial servicing package: Aircon servicing contact for commercial and industrial aircon units are priced differently as we would require more details on the aircon specifications to be able to provide an accurate quotation.