10 Reasons for Aircon Servicing before the Singapore Haze

There is no way for Singaporean residents to completely avoid the Singapore haze period, however, there are steps you can take to mitigate its side effects. Protecting yourself from the haze is incredibly important for you and your family’s health. Because prevention is key, aircon servicing before the haze is the best way to guarantee optimum health and wellbeing after the haze in Singapore hits. Here are ten health and economical reasons you should service your aircon before the Singapore haze period.

1. Guarantee purified air

One of the most beneficial aspects of aircon servicing before the haze is guaranteeing unpolluted air. Small particles are suspended in hazy air for much longer and when inhaled by humans can lead to skin, throat, nose and eye irritation. By getting your aircon fixed before the haze in Singapore, you can rest assured that you are protecting yourself from the haze as the air you’re breathing is clean and fresh and not contributing to sinusitis or allergies.

2. Prevent dehydration

If your air conditioner is poorly maintained, it does not properly regulate temperature and can therefore lead to dehydration. Regular aircon servicing before the haze ensures you are protecting yourself from the haze and that families or employees are not experiencing too much heat and can stay hydrated, comfortable and productive.

3.Ensure a sealed room

When professional aircon repairers visit your home or office, they will check for possible leakages that make the air conditioning less effective or let haze into the room. Getting aircon servicing before the Singapore haze period guarantees a properly sealed room to ensure you will be protecting yourself from the haze.

4. Prevent respiratory problems

The Singapore haze period is characterised by a severe increase in germs, dusts, allergens and other pollutants. Avoid worsening respiratory problems such as asthma by getting your aircon serviced before the haze in Singapore worsens your health.

5. Improve comfort and peace of mind

Controlling the temperature and preventing haze in your home or office can drastically improve one’s level of comfort and frame of mind. Having a clean respite to escape the haze in Singapore can improve your general mood and wellbeing and provide peace of mind that you are protecting yourself from the haze.

6. Avoid heart and skin conditions

As well as sinusitis and lung problems, hazy air can also contribute to heart disease and skin allergies.

7. Improve brain and body function

If your body is not receiving enough clean oxygen, it will not be working to its maximum potential. To avoid sluggish brain and body activity ensure it is receiving fresh air even in the haze period by having a fully functioning aircon service.

8. Extend equipment life

By servicing the equipment before the haze, you can get rid of particles that are clogged in the system, so you can avoid ruining equipment parts and extend the life of the aircon system.

9. Prevent expensive breakdowns

We all know that prevention is better than a cure, and this mantra should also apply to your air conditioner. Servicing before hazy periods avoids expensive and drastic equipment breakdowns, which in turn saves you money and the hassle of having to constantly replace the equipment.

10. Save on energy bills

Your air conditioner flows much more easily following a service, meaning the aircon requires less energy to function. This keeps energy costs down, thereby putting more money back in your pocket and also helping the environment.

Aircon Servicing before the Haze

Getting your air conditioner serviced before the Singapore haze hits reaps many benefits for the health and wellbeing of you and your family or your employees as well as the air conditioning equipment. Ensuring everything is sealed, clean and working effectively before the haze period will make it much safer and more enjoyable.

Aircon Servicing Company

Aircon Servicing Singapore provides reliable aircon repair services to ensure you reap all the benefits listed above. Our professional and experienced servicemen will provide you with a well circulated, temperature controlled and haze-free home or office for a happy, healthy haze period.