Aircon Servicing Price & Promotions

Looking for best aircon service prices in Singapore? Check out our latest aircon servicing promotions for 2019 below. You can be assured that these are the lowest prices for the ac service quality you will receive!

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We are a professional air conditioning servicing company and also widely known for being the most honest and reliable aircon servicing contractor in Singapore for both residential and commercial air conditioner units.

We strongly believe in providing honest and upfront service pricing & rates transparency to all potential customers.

Aircon services provided are generally segmented into the 6 major aircon service areas as follows:

1. General Aircon Servicing
2. Aircon Chemical Wash
3. Aircon Chemical Overhaul
4. Aircon Gas Top up services
5. Aircon Repair Services
6. AC Servicing Contract Packages

Should you be interested in any of our aircon services, provide us with your service requirements by simply filling up the online service enquiry form. Our friendly consultant will call you back ASAP to confirm your service booking and details.

1. General Aircon Servicing Price


General Aircon Servicing Price Table
No. of AC Units 1 Time Service Tri Yearly (3 times) Quarterly (4 times)
1 Fan coil $40 $30 $20
2 Fan coils $55 $150 $190
3 Fan coils $70 $200 $240
4 Fan coils $85 $230 $300
5 Fan coils $100 $280 $350
6+ Fan coils $19/ Fancoil $17/ Fancoil $17/ Fancoil

Service description: General aircon servicing includes the cleaning of the air filters, vents, louvers, unit’s panel, evaporator coil, checking of the drainage pipe for chokes and clogs and the overall air condition unit for any visible faults and loose parts.

For more details on the scope of general aircon servicing for wall mounted units, read here.

2. Aircon Chemical Wash Price


Chemical Wash Price Table
No. of AC Units Chemical Wash Price
1 Fan coil $80
2 Fan coils $160
3 Fan coils $230
4 Fan coils $290


Service description: Aircon chemical wash is the most popular aircon cleaning package that most of our residential home owners go for. An aircon chemical wash is recommend for units that are not too old or dirty and clogged. This chemical wash service is highly recommended for families with young kids or families with pets. This more thorough aircon wash kills off allergens or germs built up in your aircon unit, vents, ducts and filters.

For more details on the scope of aircon chemical wash, read here.

3. Aircon Chemical Overhaul Price


Chemical Overhaul Price Table
No. of AC Units Chemical Overhaul Price
1 Fan coil $150
2 Fan coil $280
3 Fan coil $390
4 Fan coil $480

Service description: Aircon chemical overhaul is recommend for older air conditioner units or units that have not been used for a long time and you believe that it is clogged with allergens, germs and dirt. This method of aircon cleaning requires for the serviceman to strip down the entire air conditioner of all its parts for deep cleaning.

For more details on the scope of aircon chemical overhaul, read here.

4. Aircon Gas Top up Price


Gas Top up Price Table
Aircon Refrigerant Gas Top up Aircon Gas Top up Price*
Refrigerant Gas R22 $30 to $80
Refrigerant Gas 410A $60 to $120

Service description: Occasionally overtime refrigerant gas from your air conditioner unit may leak. When gas leaks, the most common resulting problem would be that your air conditioner does not cool your room efficiently and results in a common aircon not cold problem.

For more information on air conditioner gas top up services, read here.

*Disclaimer: Please note that the above listed is the estimated price range. An accurate price can only be determined after our service technicians come on site to verify your existing gas level. Do also note that this is the price of the amount of gas top up. If you air conditioner system is discovered to have leakages in the system that cause the gas to leak, the repair price to repair the tubes and pipes to prevent future leakages are price differently.

5. Aircon Repair Service Price


Service description: Air conditioner problems and breakdown differs between units. As such we are unable to provide an upfront definite pricing. For all aircon repair service cases, we will schedule for our service technicians to come onsite to perform an assessment. Once the aircon problem can be determined, the technicians will provide you with the quotation for the repair cost. Should you agree with the repair pricing, our technicians will begin the repair service.