Aircon Repair Singapore on Sunday

Looking for an Aircon Repair Company in Singapore open on a Sunday? Regardless if you are facing an aircon breakdown problem or intending to perform general aircon servicing on a Sunday, our professional aircon technicians is well and able to gladly assist in all brands or models of residential or commercial air conditioner unit. No Aircon problem is too small for us.

Aircon Services Available on Sundays

We understand that there are not many open aircon company on Sundays in Singapore, however with us, you do not have to worry.

The following are the list of aircon services that are available on Sundays:
1. General Aircon Servicing
2. Aircon Repair service
3. Aircon Chemical Wash
4. Aircon Chemical Cleaning
5. Aircon Gas Top Up Services

Aircon Repair & Servicing Areas on Sundays

On Sundays, our team of aircon repair technicians are typically in the following servicing areas for aircon repairs and maintenance works.

Weekend servicing areas are: Tampines, Bedok, Ang MO Kio, Hougang, Punggol, Woodlands, Westcoast and Yishun.

Should your home or office be not in our aircon repairs & servicing area, do not worry! We will still make some arrangements to swing by your location as soon as possible.

7 Top Causes of Aircon Problems

Sharing from our years of experience in the aircon servicing industry, the top aircon problems and breakdown we attend to on Sundays in Singapore arise from one of the following causes:
1. Blocked or clogged air conditioner drainage pipes or dirty air filters
2. Damaged air conditioner PCB/ Electronics circuit board
3. Moving parts become loose or malfunction
4. Damaged evaporator or condenser coils
5. Compressor motor malfunction, short circuited or damaged
6. Leak in air conditioner refrigerant gas
7. Damage or malfunctioning thermostat

Regular Aircon Servicing

To avoid unexpected aircon breakdowns, we advocate the importance of regular aircon servicing and maintenance to our customers.

From our aircon breakdown statistics complied over the years shows us that the cost of a one-time major breakdown cost more than regular (yearly or half yearly) aircon maintenance.

In addition, with regular maintenance in place, it gives you a peace of mind of unexpected breakdown and also ensures that your love ones are breathing in clean and cool air.

Aircon Repair Company Sunday

For Good & Reliable aircon repair and services in Singapore on a Sunday, look no further than us. Fill up our aircon servicing form and indicate, Sunday services required and we will have our nearest aircon technicians contact you ASAP.