7 Easy Aircon Maintenance Tips

An aircon that is not cold enough isn’t just unpleasant, but can also be a strong indicator that your is due for a regular aircon servicing.
Let’s look at the top aircon problems faced in Singapore and some easy aircon maintenance tips you can carry out on your own.

Aircon vents maintenance

Before tackling problems such as why is your aircon blowing warm air, , simple aircon maintenance such as checking the aircon vents in each room. Dirt, dust or other blockages can reduce the amount of correctly conditioned air that is circulating in the room, resulting in your air conditioner being not cold. A thorough cleaning of the aircon filters could be all that’s needed to get the aircon problem resolved.

Aircon filter maintenance

A dirty aircon filter could also result in your aircon blowing warm air. Regularly checking filters and washing them is necessary and a key part of a routine aircon maintenance. Don’t forget to turn the power off to the aircon unit before starting any DIY aircon maintenance work.

Aircon condenser coils maintenance

The limited flow of air which is a result of a blocked aircon filter or vents can drop the temperature of the aircon evaporator coils to such an extent that they ice up, significantly reducing the unit’s effectiveness. You will be able to see the ice on the coils if this has happened. Basic aircon maintenance of cleaning the coils after also cleaning your filters and vents can thoroughly improve its efficiency.

Air conditioner fuses maintenance check

Problems with the disconnect box can give an aircon that doesn’t deliver air at the right temperature. To test the two fuses in the box, a multimeter is required, as well as some amateur understanding of electricity. Although this task can be undertaken by an DIY aircon servicing amateur, some people prefer to use a professional aircon servicing technician as they are concerned about tasks which involve working with electricity.

Aircon evaporator coil Maintenance

The evaporator should be cleaned once a year as part of your air con maintenance routine. This is to prevent any reduction in efficiency. Once the insulation and inspection hatch have been removed, both the evaporator and the tray underneath it should be cleaned, leaving the unit ready for another twelvemonths of (hopefully) trouble free service.

Aircon compressor unit surrounding maintenance

If you live in a landed/ ground floor house in Singapore trailing weeds, grass or other plants grow swiftly, quickly obscuring the outside unit of your aircon compressor unit. Without regular pruning or mowing, it’s
easy for the undergrowth to start affecting the function of your unit. Keeping the outside structure free from weeds, detritus and other grime will significantly improve the lifespan of your Aircon. It requires no special equipment and can be easily undertaken.

Perform regular aircon maintenance or Professionally

Whilst many parts of the system can be cleaned and maintained without professional air con servicing assistance, components such as the compressor require the services of a professional aircon servicing technician that knows what he or she is doing..

If you’ve undertaken all the aircon maintenance tasks listed above and still face issues such as your aircon is not cold enough, aircon blowing warm air, noisy aircon, it’s probably time to seek assistance from a good and reliable aircon servicing company that has the right skills to get the job done.

Singapore Aircon Maintenance Technicians

Aircon Servicing Singapore are professionals in the air conditioner servicing industry in Singapore. Our air conditioner technician partners are experts in aircon maintenance, servicing and repairs of many different makes and models.