Aircon Gas Top up Service

As you’ll know, the temperature is Singapore is relatively warm all year round. On occasions, however, it can rocket, meaning aircon is vital for cooling homes and offices, ensuring occupants stay comfortable. To work as they should, aircon systems require a sufficient level of aircon gas, such as Freon gas. If aircon gas levels drop below a certain amount, the performance of the system is affected, and you might be left facing the sweltering conditions unprotected and an indicator to have your aircon gas top up!

Why does my aircon need regassing?

Contrary to what you might think, aircon regassing isn’t like putting gas in a car: low levels of aircon gas don’t equate to extended use of the system. Rather, an aircon gas top up is usually required if a leak or a malfunction has occurred somewhere within the system. New aircon systems are specially manufactured to prevent these errors from occurring, so if your aircon is an older model, it might be worth enlisting the services of a company that specialises in aircon gas top ups in Singapore.

When should I top up?

It can be difficult to pinpoint whether your aircon system needs its gas levels increasing or not, which is why it is vital to regularly get your air conditioning checked by the experts here at Aircon Servicing Singapore. When we come to take a look at your aircon, there are four key signs we look out for. If we are alerted to one of the following, it usually means that you have a leak or an internal problem and we need to repair your system before topping up your gas.

Your aircon’s performance has dropped

Perhaps the most notable sign of a leak is when you notice a change in the time it takes for the cooling system to have an effect on the room. A fully-functioning aircon will cool a room in a short space of time, depending on its size, of course. However, if you’ve noticed that your system is slower than usual, let us know. This could mean that you need to have your system topped up with Freon gas.

The aircon never switches off

Continuous running of an aircon system should also ring alarm bells. An efficient air conditioner will cool the room to the level required, before switching itself off and saving energy. A couple of malfunctions can cause this problem, but either way, you’ll need to call an aircon gas top up servicing company in Singapore.

The aircon system is making strange noises

Whether it’s a rattle, a clang or a scratching sound; if it’s not the usual faint whoosh, odd sounds emanating from the aircon system could spell trouble and mean a quick phonecall to a specialist aircon regassing company.

Aircon Turning on and off

Switch it on and switch it off again is a standard action for tech novices, but if your aircon itself is erratic about when it decides to show up for work, this could mean it needs servicing and refilling.

How common are aircon gas refills?

Aircon gas operates in a similar way to the refrigerant in your fridge-freezer. Now, your fridge operates 24 hours a day, but have you ever topped up the refrigerant? No, because you don’t need to do so on a regular basis. It’s the same with your aircon, so, unless you’ve noticed one of the problems above, don’t agree to anyone who offers to top up your gas levels at extortionate prices.

Aircon Gas top up in Summary

Your aircon system could gradually be leaking precious gas without you knowing. Maybe you’re waking up in the middle of the night, all hot and bothered, because your aircon isn’t cooling the room as it used to. When your air conditioning isn’t working as it should, it can be frustrating. However, the reason for this could be as simple as the aircon requiring a simple top up. Give our experts a call for all your aircon gas top up needs in Singapore.

Engaging Aircon gas refill services!

If you find yourself sweating your way through another sweltering day in Singapore, give Aircon Servicing Singapore a call or contact. We’re experts in aircon regassing services and all general aircon repair services, and will be able to tell you in no time at all whether or not your aircon needs regassing.