5 Things about Aircon Gas Refill in Singapore

All about aircon (refrigerant) gas refill in Singapore

Understandably, most people do not fully understand the complex workings of their air conditioning system. So you may not be aware of the importance of aircon gas refill to keep your air conditioning functioning in top condition.

However, it is worth having a basic understanding of aircon gas refill to know when it is needed and how it can best be undertaken. Gaining knowledge of aircon re-gas could save you a lot of time, money and sweat (quite literally) in Singapore’s searing dry season. Here are the top five things you should know about aircon gas top up in Singapore.

1. How does your aircon use the refrigerant gas?

Before learning about aircon gas refill, it is important to have an understanding of how aircon systems work. Aircon units use special chemicals that easily compress from gas into a liquid. This fluid is then transferred to the condensation unit where the heat is filtered out. The fluid then moves to the evaporating unit where it evaporates back into air – this is the air that cools the house. So all you really need to take from this is the fact air conditioning systems require gas to function (which is where aircon refrigerant gas refill comes in).

2. What is aircon gas refill process?

Aircon gas refill is quite simply the process of filling up the gas so that the aircon unit can work as expected. If there is insufficient gas, this will result in a poorly or non-functioning air conditioning system. Hence aircon gas refill is often vital to a properly functioning aircon with a long service life.

3. Why is aircon gas refill required?

The most common reason for aircon gas refill is usually aircon gas leakages. If the tubing system is damaged, the gas could start to leak, which happens to almost all air conditioning systems every once in a while. The most common causes of tubing damage are improper installation of the aircon, poor quality copper pipes or chemical residue build-up, which can cause erosion.

4. When should you refill your aircon gas?

Aside from during regular inspection or repair procedures, there are a number of tell-tale signs that indicate an aircon gas top up is required. First and foremost is when the time it takes for your air conditioner to cool the room drops. Your air conditioning system should be able to kickstart and cool the room in a short amount of time. If this is not the case, it most likely requires aircon gas refill. Similarly, if the aircon runs continuously without stopping (rather than stopping when the room has reached the required temperature), the aircon gas likely needs to be replaced. Unusual noise, frequently turning on and off, aircon water leakages or persistent poor performance also mean you should enquire about aircon re-gas.

5. Can you refill your aircon gas yourself?

The short answer is no. Some people may try to repair the system themselves; however, this is not only dangerous for you as you lack the knowledge and experience of trained professionals, but you could also easily worsen or misdiagnose the problem, thereby costing you more money and hassle in the longrun.

Aircon gas refill Summary

Having your aircon refrigerant gas levels regularly checked and refilled is a necessary process to ensure your air conditioning has a long and healthy service life. Having the basic knowledge of how to diagnose these problems is important to catch the malfunction early, but you should always seek expert advice from trained professionals.

Singapore Aircon Gas Refill Services

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