Having Aircon Gas Leak Problem?

Aircon Gas Leak Problem

Noticing an aircon gas leak can be worrying for you and your family. However, it is a rather common aircon problem within the home. There are several reasons you may have a gas leak. These include incorrect aircon installation, corrosion or poor quality copper piping. If your aircon is low on gas, there may be a leak. Don’t suffer; let the experts at Aircon Servicing Singapore help you today. We can assess the problem and repair it quickly and efficiently.

How does an aircon works?

An aircon system works in a similar way to a fridge. It has three units which enable it to function correctly. Air is cooled using chemicals that change it to liquid, then back again. The compression unit compresses air into liquid form. This then travels to the condensation unit, where heat is removed. The fluid then evaporates to air in the evaporation unit. A problem with one of these parts can stop the system working correctly.

Why does my airon gas leak?

Aircon gas leaks are not uncommon, and can be caused by many factors. If your aircon isn’t serviced or cleaned regularly, it can leak gas. Holes or damage to tubing may also cause a freon gas leak. This is also known as a refrigerant gas leak. Incorrect installation, including poor quality piping, is another reason for leaks. If the aircon system isn’t cleaned correctly, corrosion can happen. This is where chemical residue is left in the system and rusts, causing leaks.

Problems caused by aircon gas leaks

Gas leaks can be dangerous, and should not be ignored. An aircon gas leak can create many problems. First, it will stop your aircon system working as it should. If a leak is left too long, it may result in costly aircon repairs. For example, if the compressor breaks down due to overheating. This, plus the entire condensing unit, will need replacing. The evaporator coil could also freeze, and would need changing. Also, freon is hazardous to the environment.

Detecting an aircon gas leak

There are a few signs to look out for when spotting a gas leak. Listen out for any unusual noises, especially with older machines. Your machine may switch itself on and off more than usual. It could even remain on for long periods of time without switching off. If it’s taking longer to cool a room, this could also signal a leak. Also, if the aircon gas needs topping up, your system is likely to be leaking.

When to top up the aircon gas?

Aircon gas should be topped up after a leak has been repaired. This is the most common instance that would require a top up. However, there are a few others you should be aware of. If your home is warmer than usual, your aircon may have stopped producing cold air. Water leakages may also signal your gas needs a top up. If your aircon isn’t performing as it should be, a leak may be the reason. Always consult an expert.

What should i do next?

If you do suspect a problem with your aircon, don’t try to fix it yourself. Only qualified professionals can carry out safe repairs. What may seem like a simple task could actually be more complicated. There may be a bigger underlying problem with your aircon. Always speak to an expert before topping up your aircon gas. You should also consult the professionals when your aircon requires servicing. Never ignore a leak, as it could prove very dangerous.

Air Conditioner Gas Leaks Summary

Aircon gas leaks can happen for a number of reasons. You may notice one at any time, and it can become a problem if untreated. Look out for any signs that something may be wrong with your system. Attend to any problems immediately, as leaving them could be dangerous. Frequent servicing and aircon maintenance will prevent problems occurring with your aircon. Trust us at Aircon Servicing Singapore, the aircon experts. We can repair, replace and service your aircon system.

Aircon Gas Top up Singapore

Aircon Servicing Singapore can help you with all of your aircon issues. If you have noticed a gas leak, don’t leave it to chance. We will repair your aircon and assisit in youraircon gas top if necessary. Our experts also carry out aircon servicing. Call or email our friendly team for a free quote today!