Is your aircon compressor noisy?

Noisy Aircon Compressor Problem

Is your air con compressor noisy? The cause could be several problems, depending on the type of noise your air con is making and where that noise is coming from. Sometimes the underlying problems aren’t major and can easily be fixed by yourself. But some air con compressor noises indicate a serious problem that requires a qualified professional. In this article we are going to explore the noises an air conditioner may make, what they could mean, and how best to fix them.

Aircon making Banging, chattering, rattling sound

Is your aircon compressor making noise that sounds like a banging, rattling or chattering? The cause of these sounds could range from a loose part to an incorrect refrigerant type:

Aircon making a Banging sound

Is your aircon compressor making noise in the form of banging? The most likely cause is a loose part (piston pin, crank shaft, internal mount). However, it may also indicate the air compressor needs replacing.

Aircon Chattering/ rattling sound

An aircon compressor making noise that sounds like chattering can indicate loose parts, rattling internal tubes, high refrigerant levels, or even the wrong type of refrigerant. If you tightened loose parts and your unit is still rattling, contact us for servicing.

Aircon Humming, buzzing, hissing sound

If your aircon unit develops a loud humming, buzzing or hissing sound, it may be caused by one of the following causes:

Why aircon making humming noise?

If your airon begins humming louder than standard, the cause is often a fan issue. Try cleaning and re-aligning your fans to resolve the issue. If the hum continues after this, the issue may be a burnt-out fan motor or a failing starting capacitor.

Aircon Buzzing noise

Buzzing aircon compressor noises are serious and can indicate a failed motor, loose wires or a failing electrical component. Because such issues present a high fire risk it is best to contact us as soon as possible if your air con is currently making buzzing noises.

Aircon Hissing noise

Hissing can indicate internal clogging which you may easily fix yourself. However, hissing can also indicate more serious problems like refrigerant leaks or damaged refrigerant valves.

Aircon Clicking Noise

If your aircon compressor emits a noise that sounds like clicking, contact us immediately!

If your aircon compressor makes noises that sound like a constant clicking, try tightening loose pieces and cleaning the fan. If clicking continues after this, there is likely a serious problem.

Clicking from an air conditioning unit can indicate a broken thermostat, a damaged control board, or shorted thermostat wires. The risk of electrocution is high here, so please contact us for a correct diagnosis and repair.

Aircon Squealing or screaming noise

An aircon compressor making noise that sounds like screaming is often an indication the unit is failing. Here is what these noises often mean:

Why aircon makes screaming noise

An aircon compressor that sounds like it is screaming is often a sign of intense internal pressure. It can indicate anything from failed bearings to blockages to a failing motor. The underlying problem is best diagnosed by one of our qualified staff.

Aircon Squealing noise

Aircon units that are squealing are in need of professional service. A squealing air con is often caused by a motor problem. It could be either the fan or compressor motor – either way, there is a motor failing or near its end if your unit is squealing.

This problem is often caused by overuse, so ensure you monitor your air con usage, particularly during summer.

If your aircon is squealing, contact us for diagnosis.

Dealing with a Noisy air conditioner problem

As you just read, there are many unusual noises an air conditioner compressor can make. This article has provided some insight into what these noises might be caused by, and how you might be able to resolve some of these by yourself. However, long-term repetition of these noises, especially if you tightened all loose parts and cleared all blockages, can be an indication of very serious issues that need professional diagnosis and servicing. We are here to help with that.

Aircon Repair Services Singapore

Obviously a lot of these noises and causes require the diagnosis and servicing of fully-trained, qualified professionals in the aircon industry. The safety of your family is of the highest importance. Aircon Servicing Singapore is here to help you by diagnosing your noisy aircon cause and fixing it for you.