5 Reasons Air Conditioner is Blowing Warm Air

Aircon Blowing Warm Air

Is your air conditioner blowing warm air? Never fear. This is quite a common problem that has several causes and solutions.

When an aircon is blowing warm air, it can be incredibly frustrating – especially in the middle of summer. Our homes and offices in Singapore can easily become stiflingly hot. The AC’s warm air adds to this, making living and working conditions unbearable.

It pays to keep an eye on your air conditioner throughout the year. This, along with regular maintenance, ensures you can spot any problems early on. You can perform basic maintenance tasks yourself if you so wish; but you should call in the professionals for larger tasks and regular checks.

Here are the Top 5 reasons your aircon could be blowing warm air.

1. Wrong thermostat settings

The most common cause of air conditioners blowing hot air is the thermostat being on the wrong setting. So before doing anything else, make sure you check that your thermostat is set to the right temperature and is in the correct mode (for example, on “cool” not “warm”). This is the most likely reason for the heat and the easiest fix if your AC is blowing warm air.

2. Refrigerant leak

A refrigerant leak can result in an aircon blowing warm air. A leak can happen for many reasons, such as a loose joint or worn service valve. A leak can also be caused by general wear and tear, such as turning the unit off for long periods and then using it on the highest setting.

You won’t be able to fix a leak yourself, so make sure you call in a professional. An experienced AC technician in Singapore will probably have seen a similar leak before. They will be able to fix it quickly and safely.

3. Clogged air filter

Your warm air could also be due to a clogged air filter. It’s important that your aircon system undergoes regular maintenance to ensure dirt and grime doesn’t build up on the parts. A clogged air filter might not be the main cause of the warm air, but it could be contributing to it.

It’s easy to clean AC filters, so don’t neglect this task. It’s also cheap to buy replacement filters, making fixing this issue simple. Of course, remember to turn off your AC unit before you clean or install filters.

4. Faulty condenser or compressor

The condenser or compressor (both of which are found in the outside unit) could be causing the warm air. You should check that the outside power supply has been turned on. If it hasn’t, the air won’t be cool.

You should also see if there is anything restricting the air flow. The condenser coils could have been blocked by debris or dirt. This would negatively affect the cooling. It’s recommended that you regularly clean the condenser coils during the summer to prevent this.

5. Faulty wiring

The problem with your air conditioning system could also be down to faulty wiring. Random electrical faults do happen and can sometimes be difficult to identify; but experienced technicians have the knowledge and tools to pin-point faults and fix them. This may involve some rewiring or replacing some parts of the system. Don’t be tempted to try fixing the electrics yourself, as only qualified electricians know how to do it properly and safely.

Aircon blowing warm air Summary

Your aircon blowing warm air isn’t the end of the world. It might be due to the thermostat being set wrong, a refrigerant leak, or a clogged air filter. It could also be down to a faulty condenser or compressor, or faulty wiring. Regular checks and maintenance can prevent problems. Or, in more serious cases, aircon technicians can repair or replace your system.

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